To help with preparations for your attendance at the conference this September in Riga, Latvia, we are glad to offer you visa assistance. 

We will assist you in preparing an official invitation letter, to submit to a VISA center or Latvian consulate, during your visa application process. 

Along with a visa assistance request, all required information and documents should be sent in to the following e-mail address :

Kindly keep in mind, that this is a paid service provided by the Office of Citizenship and :igration Affairs of the Republic of Latvia. The service fee is EUR 30,00 per invitation letter. 

Upon receiving all necessary information, as well as payment for the invitation preparation process, an invitation letter will be prepared,  securely transferred by us to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of the Republic of Latvia for official approval. 

In case of approval, you will receive from us am official dossier number to use during your visa application process. 

In compliance withthe GDPR regulation, all personal information and documents in our possession will be deleted 1 month after the closing date of the 10th International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA) Biennial Conference. 

Required information & documents : 

  • Passport or ID copy / scan
  • Proof of relation with a University (work contract, student contract, student ID, professor ID, or similar documents)
  • Address of residence in Latvia, where you will be staying during the conference (hotel, apartment, airbnb, etc)
  • Proof of payment for the conference participation (confirmation e-mail received upon completing payment / registration)
  • Country of residence (if different from the country where your passport or ID was issued)
  • Current address of residence, in your country of residence
  • Latvian Embassy / consulate / visa center where the visa will be requested at
  • Will you cover your expenses while travelling in Latvia? 
  • Planned time of residence in Latvia, for the conference


Kindly note that obtaining a visa depends on the relevant government agencies of the Republic of Latvia involved in issuing such documents. We cannot guarantee an approval. 
The visa process can take several weeks or months in some cases. Please plan your visa application at the earliest possible convenience.