Mangaļsala Jetty – Carnikava
Difficulty: Easy
Distances : 90 km by bus, 11,5 km walking
Minimum : 20 participants / Maximum : 30 participants

Mangaļsala is the first part of Riga that all ships pass when entering the Daugava. Stretching into the sea from Mangaļsala is a breakwater called the Eastern jetty, built in 1850-1861 under the personal supervision of the Czar himself.

Its is a mix of nature and military history. This first stop will show a side of Riga, that the process of urbanisation sometimes can hide.

After a small morning hike, you will head out to Carnikava. Carnikava is first and foremost known for its lamprey fishing traditions. The lamprey eel of Carnikava has been included by the European Commission on its Protected Designations of Origin. You will visit the Carnikava’s local history center, to have an insight into lamprey fishing, and then head over to homestead Krupis, where the owner and his family will show you how they prepare this special fish for all the country to enjoy.

You will continue the tour by a small hike to the Carnikava beaches, and then head back to Riga.


09:00 – 15:00
DIFFICULTY : high, including steps, walking on uneven surfaces and mountainous areas
Distances: 130 km by train, 5 km walking
Minimum : 20 participants / Maximum : 30 participants

Your tour will start at the Gauja National park, where Sigulda is located.

Gauja National Park, established in 1973, is the oldest and largest national park in Latvia. Covering over 900 square kilometers, it’s a haven of pristine landscapes, dense forests, and meandering rivers. Towering pine trees, picturesque valleys, and stunning rock formations await your exploration.

You will visit the the Turaida Museum Reserve,a medieval fortress with captivating exhibitions. You will also see the Folk Song Park, a collection of traditional Latvian sculptures.

Then head to the Sigulda new castle complex as well as the Sigulda Livonian order castle, and a discovery of Vidzeme region’s rich history. Your tour will end by a hike to Gūtmaņa cave.


09:00 – 17:00
Difficulty : easy.
Distance : 220 km by bus, 5 km walking
Minimum : 20 participants / Maximum : 30 participants

Whether you’re drawn to history, nature, or the vibrant local culture, Valmiera warmly welcomes you to explore its unique charm.

Valmiera is a cozy town blending old-world charm with nature’s embrace – cobbled streets, medieval buildings like the St. Simon’s Church, modern architecture, vibrant culture life, and many parks and green areas.

Your first stop will be at the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

You will then visit the Valmiera museum’s new exhibition de Woldeme, that takes visitors into the story of ancient Valmiera. The oldest history of the town and castle, the world views of the Valmierians of the past, the might of the Hanseatic merchants and the skills of the craftsmen meet there.

Your tour to Valmiera will finish by a stroll through the Old Town.


Difficulty : moderate
Distances : 20 km by bike, 3km walking
Minimum : 10 participants / Maximum : 20 participants

The bike tour will take you on an exploration of the side of Riga, where the ITSA conference is planned.

You will head by foot to the Old Town, to pick up the bikes.

Then – the tour will start by exploring Ķīpsala, one of the islands of Riga. You will see the Riga Technical University’s student town.

Then head to Āgenskalns, a district rich in greenery, character and history.

Both Ķīpsala and Āgensklans offer a concentration of examples of wooden architecture, that is part of the UNESCO heritage.

After Āgensklans, the trip takes you to the Victory park, Arcadia park, the Latvian University’s House of Science, the National Library, and the Old Town.