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It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that we extend a warm invitation to the forthcoming 10th International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA) Biennial Conference, a distinguished gathering that will convene in the charming capital of Latvia, Riga. As the third-largest city in Northern Europe, Riga provides an enchanting backdrop for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and insights in the dynamic field of tourism.

Hosted by the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Latvia, this milestone event is scheduled to take place from theĀ 17th to the 20th of September 2024. The conference will serve as a nexus for academia, industry professionals, and researchers to explore and deliberate upon pivotal themes shaping the contemporary tourism landscape. The overarching theme of the conference is intricately woven around three key dimensions:

  • safety and security,
  • changes in traveler behavior, and
  • the imperative of circularity in tourism.

These critical facets demand concerted attention from educators, researchers, and industry practitioners alike. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to bridge the existing gaps in tourism knowledge and practice, propelling us toward a future marked by Sustainable, Smart, and Secure tourism and hospitality. In alignment with this vision, the conference is aptly titledĀ “Bridging the Gaps in Tourism Knowledge and Practice: The Future of Sustainable, Smart, and Secure Tourism and Hospitality (Future 3Ss for Tourism).”

Stay tuned for forthcoming announcements!